Dear Colleagues, Friends and Visitors,

I am delighted to invite you to take part in the 18th International Plant Nutrition Colloquium (IPNC).

The Colloquium will be held 21 - 24 August 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The venue will be the Tivoli Hotel and Congress Center, situated right in the middle of Copenhagen.

Since its beginning in the early 1950’s, the IPNC has grown to become the most important international meeting on fundamental and applied plant nutrition. The main theme of the 18th International Plant Nutrition Colloquium is: "Plant Nutrition for Global Green Growth". This theme has been chosen to highlight that plant nutrients are fundamental for successful intensification of the global crop production. This intensification is required to meet the demands of the future bio-based society for nutritious food, feed and raw materials.

The colloquium will provide an excellent forum for the exchange and transfer of knowledge, information and ideas as well as for creating new collaborations and fostering synergies in the fields of plant mineral nutrition, plant molecular biology, plant genetics, agronomy, horticulture, ecology, environmental sciences and fertilizer use and production. We invite you to present the recent results of your research related to the different aspects of plant mineral nutrition.

Please visit our website regularly for any updates and news on the colloquium.

Jan K Schjoerring 180x168I look very much forward to seeing you in Copenhagen.


Professor Jan K. Schjoerring
President, IPNC
Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science
University of Copenhagen